When should I update my insurance policies

Have you ever found yourself wondering “when should I update my insurance policies?” If yes you’re not alone!

This is a question we get asked often. Here is our advice to help answer the question.

  • Ask your insurance broker if your policies have a built-in yearly review that adjusts the retail figures of vehicles every year.
  • Find out if your policy offers any top-ups that cover your vehicle even if it’s been financed with a residual or guaranteed buyback. This will ensure you are not left in a difficult financial position should your vehicle be written off.
  • Request an itemised break-down of your policies and ensure the replacement values are correct on all assets, accessories and itemised valuables.
  • Ensure all drivers are mentioned on the policy.
  • Have your insurance broker clearly explain the policies basic excess and all additional excess as well as when they will apply?
  • A common myth is that direct insurers are always cheaper. Do your due diligence, you will be surprised by the price variation between providers.
  • Always request an up to date copy of your insurance policy, should you make any changes to an existing policy, request an updated copy each time.
  • Avoid agreeing to terms and conditions over the phone unless you are recording the conversation.

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