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Embarking on a road trip

If you are embarking on a road trip, the last thing you want is unhappy passengers or an uncomfortable journey. These issues can be avoided by simply remembering to pack these essential items… Audio Books Check some new-to-you audiobooks out of the library. Kids and adults alike can enjoy tales like The Chronicles of...

5 Insane car paint jobs

In this quick video compilation, we take a look at 5 insane car paint jobs. In my opinion, some are awesome and others… Well, let’s just say I am glad it’s not my car LOL. Hit us up and let us know what you thought and if you had a favourite. We would also just like to give a shout out and say thank you to Turbo Nation...

DIY panel beating FAIL video

This hilarious DIY panel beating FAIL video is the perfect example of why you should leave your vehicle repairs to the professions LOL! In proper South African style all I can say is EISH!!!!! I would choose the dent over this guy’s repair technique any day of the week. Hahahaha. Save yourself a ton of money, pain and stress....

How to avoid a collision while driving

Here are a few quick pointers to show you how to avoid a collision while driving. This is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish. It mainly requires self-discipline! Get plenty of sleep before you drive. If you’re tired, ask someone else to drive. Do not drive impaired. Don’t drink alcohol, take drugs, or drive...

Like, follow and connect with us!

We are ready and standing by for you to like, follow and connect with us! We have gone social and look forward to connecting with you on YOUR favourite social media platforms!! We care about what you have to say and that is why we have made ourselves available to you. So feel free to hit us up and let’s get connected. For...
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