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Mustang ROUSH 427R

Today we had another beast of a machine come into Giorgio Express Auto Body Repairs. All we can say is WOW! This Mustang ROUSH 427R is an incredible piece of automotive engineering. Here is some additional information on what exactly the ROUSH 427R is. The ROUSH 427R™ Mustang will be the first in the lineup of new Mustangs to...

24 Hour Towing Service

Did you know that Giorgio Express Auto Body Repairs offer a 24 Hour breakdown towing service for your convenience. At Giorgio Express Auto Body Repairs we pride ourselves in offering a complete turnkey solution. From the moment you call in, till the time you collect your vehicle you will receive nothing but exceptional...

Car safety features to look out for

Here are our top car safety features to look out for when buying your next car. Whether you’re shopping for a used or new car, it’s important to spend time making sure it’s safe. First off, you should take a test drive and try on the seat belt to make sure it fits well and is comfortable. Check that head restraints, roof...
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