Car Care

Remove smoke stains from a car

Knowing how to remove smoke stains from a car is a great skill to master. We hope this article will help you to keep your car in show and shine condition! Unfortunately, there is no easy cleaning method for smoke stains of this type. The method you should use depends on the condition of the ceiling fabric and the adhesive...

Dealing with car accidents

If you read one thing today, make it this article! – Here is your step-by-step guide to dealing with car accidents! If you find yourself part of a collision please contact us on our 24 hour line (072) 612-5747 and we will be there to help. From bumper bashings to 10 car pile-ups on the highway, car accidents are an everyday...

A glimpse into our spray booth

In this short video we give you a quick glimpse into our spray booth… This is where the real magic happens! Did you know that at Giorgio Express Auto Body Repairs we utilise premium Glasurit Paint which carries a life-time warranty? This is because we believe that only the best of the best is good enough for our clients....

Does your car have unsightly scratches?

Does your car have unsightly scratches?  If yes, bring it down to Giorgio Express Auto Body Repairs and we will have it looking as good as new in no time! There is no job too big or small for Giorgio Express Auto Body Repairs, we have professional assessors ready and waiting to help you with a quote for your repair. Giorgio...

Early warning signs that you have an oil leak

In this informative article you will learn what the early warning signs are that you have an oil leak. As well as what it might be caused by! The most common and obvious symptom of an oil leak is the presence of a puddle beneath your vehicle that forms whilst the car is parked. However, while most people might automatically...
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