Precision Spraypainting

We often get asked what goes into the precision spraypainting of body panels? There are multiple factors that need to be considered!

As well as various stages in the process, but here is an overview!


When a vehicle is repainted or the finish repaired, the first step involves removing paint residues and rust and thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the body.  We ensure the substrate is free of any dirt particles, tar, oil or wax.

The body is then sanded. In addition to removing paint residues and rust, the sanding process is also designed to achieve optimal adhesion to the substrate. It is also necessary to level out any uneven areas.

Welding primer

If extensive, time-consuming welding operations are required, the use of a primer approved for welding will be necessary. This primer can be safely used for welding work with respect to the gases and fumes generated. It also prevents the surrounding coat from being burned off and keeps dangerous splatter from being produced during welding. After the welding operation and before the body filling work is done, this coat is removed.

Body filler

Uneven areas are filled in and evened out with a body filler. This can be done in a single working step or several working steps in the form of fine and/or coarse body filling. The body filler is then sanded.

Primer filler

The primer filler makes the individual layers adhere to each other, thus ensuring the durability of the paint system. It also evens out minor irregularities and ensures that the substrate will be uniformly smooth and will protect the coating against stone chipping. The primer filler also produces the high-quality appearance of the finish.


The topcoat is the layer in the paint system that catches the observer’s eye. It provides colour, gloss and special effects. It may be a direct-gloss system (solid colours) or a basecoat/clearcoat system.

Furthermore, to produce the right colour, a topcoat may also consist of several colour coats. In addition to its visual characteristics, this layer is also designed to provide protection against external influences such as weather, the environment and scratches.


As the last coat, a clearcoat layer protects the entire finish from external influences such as wind, weather or brushes at the car wash. The clearcoat also gives the finish the desired gloss level – from high-gloss to matt.

Should your vehicle require any automotive paintwork you can rest assured knowing your vehicles is in the hand of the best in the business!

When it comes to precision spraypainting, our master painters are in a league of their own!

In this quick video, we give you an inside look at the process from mixing the paint in our state of the art missing room to seeing some paint being laid in our stay booth!

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