Car Care

Choosing your insurance partner

We often are asked what is the best insurance? There is no clear cut answer here. We always give our clients the following advice to consider when choosing your insurance partner. First and foremost, knowledge is power. So the more you know the better decision you can make. With that in mind here are some key tips. Consult...

Understanding vehicle Insurance

When it comes to understanding vehicle Insurance with their terms and conditions along with the small print it can sometimes seem impossible to know exactly what you are covered for and what your rights are. In this informative article, we are going to look at what questions to ask and what conditions to look out for....

Meet Panel Joe

It’s with the greatest of pleasure we introduce you to Panel Joe. In this fun little video, he is going to be telling you about some of the amazing services that we offer right here at Giorgio Express Auto Body Repairs. Make sure you keep watching this space because I have heard Panel Joe is going to be chatting to us about...
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