Choosing your insurance partner

We often are asked what is the best insurance? There is no clear cut answer here. We always give our clients the following advice to consider when choosing your insurance partner.

First and foremost, knowledge is power. So the more you know the better decision you can make. With that in mind here are some key tips.

  • Consult with ‘various’ reputable and trusted brokers and/or repairers before changing or choosing your insurer. Draw up a clear list of the pros and cons of each insurer. This will enable you to make a fair comparison of what’s being offered.
  • We are sure you are all familiar with the old saying that “cheap might cost you more in the long run”. In some cases, that is very true, with your lower-cost monthly premiums. It’s critical to evaluate what’s being offered. Not only for the short term but long term and worse case scenarios as well. As much as we hate to say it “the devil is in the details”. Always read and UNDERSTAND the small print.
  • One of the most important key elements for consideration when choosing an insurer is often overlooked. Spend some time researching which insurance companies have the highest repudiation rate and claim payout ratio. Reviews are your friends. Read what their current and PAST clients have to say.

We hope these tips help you in choosing the correct insurer to suit your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will assist you wherever possible.

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